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Part 1 (Photographs): Home

Home Parts:

Back yard, living room, dining room, attic room, bed room, bath room, pool, balcony, patio,stairs, Wash room (Rest room), kitchen, beranda, shoe cabinet, front yard,


Television (TV), desk, chair,computer, book shelf, picture frame, bag, globe, bed, clothes chest, refrigerator, notebook, air conditioner (AC), washing machine, table, cabinet, flowers pot, door, window, gate, wine bar, dry machine, Vacuum cleaner, closet, curtain, book case, mirror, gas stove, dish, bowl, micro wave, phone


To chop vegetables, To have a meal, To make a bed, To plug in, To unplug, To rest

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Part 1(Photographs): 10 Questions


In Part 1, you will see a series of 10 photographs. Each photograph is followed by 4 spoken statements. You must pick the statement that best describes the what you see in the photograph. The statements are spoken only 1 time, and they are not printed in the text book.

The photographs typically show ordinary activities taking place in familiar surroundings, such as a man sitting on a park bench or people having a meeting in an office.

There are 4 themes widely used in this part: (1) Home, (2) Workplace, (3) Restaurants and Stores, (4) Other Public Places.


  • Preview the picture before the statements are read. Ask yourself, “Who?”, “Where”, “When?”

  • Focus on the meaning of the statements as a whole.

  • Answer the question as quickly as possible. If you don’t know the answer, guess and begin previewing the next picture.


  • Incorrect answers may contain similar-sounding words.

  • Incorrect answers may give wrong pronouns, numbers, and locations.

  • Incorrect answers may include some correct words.


  1. Be aware of directions

  2. Evaluate the statements you hear and mark the answer if you know it

  3. Eliminate statements that are false and select the best match for what is left

  4. Answer the current question before the next set of statements begins

  5. Be aware of common distractor types

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