Part 1 (Photographs): Vocabulary Practice

23 Sep

Please look at the following list. Find your topic. Then write 20 new words and 3 new expressions used in photos from . You can find these words from TOEIC LISTENING TESTS, No.1 to No. 20. Please use tests 1 to 3 for each “TOEIC LISTENING TEST”.

Many Thanks


(1) Workplace: Dana, Nick, Sunny

(2) Restaurants and Stores: Min, Kim

(3) Other Public places: Iris, Lina

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One response to “Part 1 (Photographs): Vocabulary Practice

  1. Nick

    September 24, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Work Place
    New world : chair, table, computer, screen, white board, sale, calculate, fax, manage, network,
    service, leader, export, profit, plan, company, discussion, meeting, customer, equipment

    New expression : make a rule, have a meeting, make export


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